June 20, 2004

Clinton Revealed

Okay, this entry will take just a minute.

Britain may actually get to see shades of the real Bill Clinton, which whom they so enamored. The front page of the Sunday Telegraph carries a story about the interview Clinton recently did with the BBC news programme Panorama. David Dimbleby interviewed Clinton as a part of the former President's publicity campaign for his autobiography.

When Dimbleby asked whether his contrition over the Monica Lewinsky affair was genuine Clinton became visibly rattled and angry. He first lashed out at the media in general and then at Dimbleby himself. According to one BBC executive who has seen the interview to be broadcast on Tuesday night, "He is visibly angry with Dimbleby's line of questioning and some of that anger gets directed at Dimbleby himself. As outbursts go, it is not just some flash that is over in an instant. It is something substantial and sustained.

"It is memorable television which will give the public a different insight into the President's character. It will leave them wondering whether he is as contrite as he says he is about past events. Dimbleby manages to remain calm and order is eventually restored."

I hope I have a chance to watch it.

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