November 30, 2004

Immorality, ID Cards and Vermin

There's so much in the news, where would I even begin?

David Blunkett is helping Tony Blair re-write the rules on morality in government. Not only has he not covered up his affair with a married woman, he demanded DNA tests to prove he is the father of her children. She capitulated and admitted they are his. Now he is under investigation for helping the visa application of her nanny. I predict he will survive all of this, because he is such a close ally of the PM and powerful in his own right.

Blunkett finally officially revealed his ID card legislation in the Queen's Speech. This includes a £1000 fine for anyone who fails to tell the Government when they move to a new address. The Government is not even bothering to hide the fact that it wants to know where you are and what you are up to.

Now that 700 hours of legislative time has resulted in a ban on foxhunting, the Princess Royal was openly on a hunt yesterday. Admittedly the legislation does not come into effect until February, so so was not breaking the law. No one doubts that she will continue hunting after February.

Where exactly do they imprison royal princesses these days? The cells in the Tower of London aren't really that secure anymore, what with all the tourists. Though I have to admit, having a real live princess incarcerated and on display in the Tower would cause ticket sales to go through the roof. Every time I've been there, I have suffered through infinite queues.

I wonder if the heir to the heir to the Throne will continue to hunt as well. The Labour government has been looking for an excuse to overthrow the monarchy. What a good excuse for locking them all up and taking over as Head of State. With the crown and all the accutrements of royalty no longer valid symbols of authority, perhaps the little red fox could become the mascot of republicanism.

After all, it only seems appropriate for the the Blair administration to represented by a crafty little vermin.

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Ik ga totaal akkoord. Ware Thats, mijn oom altijd vertelde me dat. Ik houd van uw adviezen en ik zal vaker uw plaats voortaan bezoeken. Dank voor grote inhoud, houdt het goede werk. Ongelooflijk er zijn geen dergelijke goede plaatsen zoals van u. Als mijn bovengenoemde grootvader: het goede werk zal altijd appriciated zijn. Ten slotte zou ik willen toevoegen dat vele mensen niet aith akkoord zouden gaan dat het soort adviezen maar dont, harder houdt opgeeft! Hvis du vil have Christiania Mønten med hjem som souvenir, skal du spørge efter den når du handler i Fristaden. Hører du til den type der synes, at lokale valutaer er et spændende økonomisk eksperiment, opfordres du til at bruge Christiania Mønten i din hverdag.

Posted by: Grizzlie at December 6, 2004 12:33 AM
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