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Welcome to Dave's Virtual Library

I have included books that have been foundational in my life, as well as other I have read that I think you might find helpful or enjoyable.

Where the book cover is clickable, you will find a review or other commentary. Links are provided to both Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk where available for each book. As you might expect, these are Amazon Associate links, so if you click on them be warned that you are only provoking me to purchase additional books, should my total kickback ever exceed a total of $10.00 or £10.00.

Let's start with the most important book I've read apart from the Holy Scriptures, For the Life of the World:Sacraments and Orthodoxy by Fr Alexander Schmemann of blessed memory:

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I've recently read and recommend:

I'm currently reading and recommend:

University of Wales Press
(No money in it for me, but the only way you'll get it in a reasonable time.)



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