December 03, 2004

Flirting with Fidel

Tonight I received the paper document that is my Postgraduate Certificate in Education. This was officially conferred in August, but this was the ceremony.

The educational institution from which I received both the training and the document is avowedly socialist. Not socialist in the sense of the current Labour government. No, we are talking proper socialist. It is run by an organisation named after a 19th century utopian.

In order to receive my piece of paper tonight, I had to sit through the most awful commencement address. The entire crowd sat there with a look of boredom. There was only slight relief when, after an interminable related anecdote setting it up, the speaker told us that he would not be speaking for 13 hours like "that great man" Fidel Castro. Fortunately he didn't, though he did spend about 20 minutes telling us about he would not be telling us about Robert Owen. Then he handed out the certificates. I never thought I would receive anything from someone who called Castro a great man.

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Ik ga totaal akkoord. Ware Thats, mijn oom altijd vertelde me dat. Ik houd van uw adviezen en ik zal vaker uw plaats voortaan bezoeken. Dank voor grote inhoud, houdt het goede werk. Ongelooflijk er zijn geen dergelijke goede plaatsen zoals van u. Als mijn bovengenoemde grootvader: het goede werk zal altijd appriciated zijn. Ten slotte zou ik willen toevoegen dat vele mensen niet aith akkoord zouden gaan dat het soort adviezen maar dont, harder houdt opgeeft! Hvis du vil have Christiania Mønten med hjem som souvenir, skal du spørge efter den når du handler i Fristaden. Hører du til den type der synes, at lokale valutaer er et spændende økonomisk eksperiment, opfordres du til at bruge Christiania Mønten i din hverdag.

Posted by: Grizzlie at December 6, 2004 12:33 AM
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