December 09, 2004

My Man Mitch

Though I am expatriated from the Hoosier State, I have to admit that I did not follow the recent gubernatorial election there very closely. I was aware of the candidates and I knew that Mitch Daniels was the director of the OMB in the Bush White House.

I didn't know how open he is about being a Christian. I didn't realise that he is an elder at the evangelical Tabernacle Presbyterian Church. His website mentions further that

Through his church he became a founder of The Oaks Academy, an inner-city school established to promote academic excellence and racial reconciliation based on solid religious principles. Though his job in the federal government required him to resign from the school’s board, he remained active in the school. In fact, a photo of the school’s more than 200 students was the first picture he hung in his office in Washington.

And it was in the Indianapolis Star that I learned of his inauguration plans:

Daniels' is inviting all Hoosiers to worship with him Sunday to kick off his inauguration at the Tabernacle Presbyterian Church on 34th Street. Then, Daniels and Lt. Gov.-elect Becky Skillman will host a Gospel celebration featuring Bill and Gloria Gaither and Sandi Patty in the Pepsi Coliseum. The free concert begins at 2:30 p.m.

Not a bad way to set the tone for his first four years as Governor of Indiana.

Posted by david at December 9, 2004 11:52 PM | TrackBack

Back last spring, someone from upper management
was giving Mitch a tour of the office I work at.
He stopped at my cubical, shook my hand, and
commented that he liked my icons. He seemed
like a pretty nice guy. :-)

Posted by: Josh at December 10, 2004 05:43 PM