December 20, 2004

A Sheep Amongst the Goats

In a shocking move for our godless death-loving Government, David Blunkett's exit and Charles Clarke's promotion have actually made room for a decent individual as Education Secretary. And no one is more shocked than the "Blair Babes" - fellow female Labour MPs elected in the 1997 landslide. In fact, they have gotten downright catty about it.

Ruth Kelly is a mother of four and a practicing Roman Catholic. And not a liberal Catholic who happens to attend church, but rather a conservative who not only attends church, but also meetings of Opus Dei. She opposes abortion, has told Tony Blair that she could never support stem cell research, and was even excused from the three-line whip on the living will vote last week.

The Blair Babes have expressed disappointed that she has not be more forthright about so-called "women's issues". I don't know how more forthright she could be. What they really hate is that she is plainly opposed to them. One of the women's issues is supposed to be equality of opportunity in employment, but there was no hint of embarrassment in the hypocrisy of one BB who said, “How has she managed to get so far when she’s had so much maternity leave?”

Another BB said, “What’s she ever done for Labour? We were the people in the key seats, rather than that cow who was dropped in and had barely been a party member for a couple of years. She wouldn’t talk to most of us. It was like she regarded herself as one of the ‘in-girls’. This promotion is just a kick in the teeth.” So much for solidarity of the sisterhood.

I don't often wish Labour ministers well in their jobs, but I will make an exception in this case. It will be interesting to see how long she will last, especially if she is bucking the spirit of the age. And of course a good Education Secretary can make my life a lot easier as well.

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