June 06, 2004

Reagan's European Legacy

It is perhaps ironic that those Europhiles in this country who would be the quickest to criticise Ronald Reagan and his presidency have him to thank for fulfilling their vision.

Of the ten countries that joined the EU on May 1 this year, eight began the 1980's under Communism. Of the three current applicant states, two are former Soviet client regimes. Thanks to Reagan, trade is free and travel is unrestricted from the Algarve to Estonia. The students who come to the Shire in the summer to pick strawberries would otherwise still be behind that iron curtain from Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic.

Thousands of Orthodox priests, Protestant pastors, and others holding fast to the Faith would still be under persecution of aggressively atheistic regimes. I venerate the many New Martyrs of 20th century Europe, but I am also thankful their numbers are not being increased. Churches are no longer closed and bulldozed. Old and new churches are being opened. And yes, that is because God chose to use Ronald Reagan.

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