June 01, 2004

Promises, Promises

Today I was suppose to be getting broadband. First, the modem I ordered didn't arrive. It was supposed to arrive at least three days before the activation date. I rummaged around and found my old ADSL modem, from back when I had broadband at a previous address. As I was hooking it up, I got an email message telling me that the one I ordered was just now being dispatched.

I didn't matter anyway, because when I installed the other modem, it did not detect an ADSL signal. After trying to troubleshoot this for a couple of hours, I got an email from Virgin telling me that there would be "a slight delay" in delivering broadband service to me. The reason for this is "Line Quality Survey". I'm guessing this is what the BT technician was doing when he can around this morning as Mrs H was leaving (I was already gone.) However, no one at BT will tell me the result of testing my line.

The last time I tried to get broadband, my line was just barely too far from the exchange. Since then, they have extended the radius by at least half a kilometre. That should put me inside the zone.

I am getting very tired and frustrated with dialup. The best speed I get is 46.6 and I don't get that a lot of the time and sometimes have to dial up over and over just to reach that top speed. It takes ages to do anything.

Gimme my broadband!

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