January 23, 2004

Violent Crime Still on the Rise

Official crime figures have been released today. Less serious offences of violence against the person rose 17% when comparing the third quarter of 2003 with the same period in 2002. Serious violent crime rose by 18%. I suppose it is encouraging that gun crime only rose by 2%.

The Government's response to this news has been to declare that we are actually safer today than a year ago. It is obvious to them that it is just that more people are reporting crime now.

However, if for some reason people in deprived neighbourhoods don't feel safe -- even though, of course, they should -- the Government will now give them the option to vote for an annual levy to raise money for additional officers. Yes, that's right, if people in poor areas want more policing, they will have to pay more for it. They won't actually get real cops - they will get "community support officers". These are security guards without uniforms. Of course they are unarmed - even the real cops are unarmed.

This levy will be on top of the regular council tax, to which the Government wants to add a local income tax, costing taxpayers an average of an extra 537 per year.

They have never explained why having made guns illegal gun crime doesn't go down. To make extra sure that citizens cannot defend themselves against crime, the Government has also introduced harsher sentences for possession of an illegal firearm (that's any handgun and most rifles). It will now cost five years of freedom.

Posted by david at January 23, 2004 12:08 AM | TrackBack

Extra policing today... hopefully social workers tomorrow. It's just a pity the government is so hopeless that those of us who live responsibly without an endless succession of social workers and court dates won't get a reduction in what we pay already :-(

Posted by: Havdala at January 23, 2004 12:41 PM