January 11, 2004


Bubby is to be deported. Unlike with asylum seekers in this country, Bubbyís removal from her acquired domicile will not be fraught with appeals. Nor will it cost thousands of pounds.

Mrs H and I have agreed that the Bubster is just not working out as a house pet. She has become very territorial about the bathroom. This means she urinates all along the side of the room and she bites Mrs H on the feet and legs. It appears she is trying to be the dominant female. We probably could have found a solution for the pee, but the biting is just a bit over the top. She also drops her pills everywhere. It is pretty disgusting.

I would have moved her out today, but we had a lot of cold wind and rain. I wasnít particularly worried for Bubby. I just didnít want to get drenched while trying to clean out the hutch in preparation for her occupation. I didnít clean it out upon her brief immigration to the bathroom, so it is rather minging.

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