October 09, 2004

Wee, wee, wee, wee... all the way home

It appears that we may be making some progress on the potty training front. It is embarrassing to have a child who can do phonics, geography, and astronomy, but refuses to take off his nappy. Today, Aidie has been led to believe that we are out of nappies, so he has no choice but to wear underpants. He has pull-up naptime/nighttime nappies that look like pants, so we have been able to maintain the ruse.

We went through two changes of pants and trousers, and blotted up a few spots of the carpet, but otherwise had a successful day. He even did a proper wee on the toilet and was so excited he rang Papa in the States.

His intellect still continues to amaze me. Tonight it was clear that he was able to visualise the world map in his head, as without it he was able to tell me which countries were next to others. Mrs H was stunned when she walked in the room as I asked him, "What countries is next to Portugal?" "Spain!"

I have also started connecting his phonics programme (Letterland) with his geography. Peter Puppy says /p/ in words and he could tell me that countries which start with /p/ include Portugal and Papua New Guinea. Impy Ink says /ĭ/ in words and countries that start with /ĭ/ are Italy, India, and Indonesia. You get the idea.

I am just amazed at what a complete sponge his mind is, but even more so how he is able to coordinate and collate these facts into further learning. He is almost flawlessly articulate, properly using hexasyllabic words in conversation.

This does not mean that he is always understood. When my father answered the phone tonight, he had trouble understanding the shouting rapidfire English accent on the other end of the line, "IdidaweeweeonthetoiletandIgotaWinniethePoohchocolate!"

Posted by david at October 9, 2004 11:57 PM | TrackBack

Thats awesome. I remember Mike's potty training days. Whew... glad thats over. Oh wait, David is next. ;)

Posted by: Jim N. at October 10, 2004 04:16 AM

Congratulations to Aidie!! What a bright little boy. I wonder if he will be like my son who is quite bright, but always "pushed" the door that had a sign that said "pull to open."!!! It is hard to not expect too much when a child is so bright.

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