October 10, 2004

Short in the Tooth

The red letter days are coming fast and furious at our house right now.

This morning, Mrs H discovered that the bump on Abby's lower gum had finally broken through. She no longer has a toothless grin.

This is just in the nick of time. Forget the teaspoon of watered-down baby rice. Tonight she had five spoons of rice and 3/4 of a pear. She was so upset when the bowl was empty, Mrs H fed her the rest of the pear. She eats like she's starved.

Aidie was a good eater and now it looks like we've been blessed with two out of two. I know it is more expensive when they are happy to eat anything, but it is worth it not to have the food refusal struggles. Aidie has one friend who only ever ate expensive processed cheese for months on end.

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