March 18, 2004

In the Shadow of Ararat

I was at the opticians yesterday to pick up my first new pair of contact lenses in at least six or seven years. Expecting to find the usual supply of very outdated magazines in the waiting room, I was pleasantly surprised to see this month's issue of National Geographic.

It's not that I'm usually a reader of this publication. What caught my eye was mention of Armenia on the cover. Unfortunately, they are so efficient at my opticians that I was unable to finish the 22-page article. What I read was so good that I immediately went out to WH Smith and bought the magazine so I could finish it. If you have a local vendor of National Geographic, I recommend the purchase of this issue.

In addition to highlighting the plight of the Armenians past and present, it has a very positive take on the Armenian Church and the spiritual heritage of the Armenian people. Until now I have to admit that I was unaware of 4th/5th century St Mesrob, who was given the Armenian alphabet by God and then with a host of monks and others went about translating the literature of the day into it.

When I was at WH Smith, I was surprised to find that the magazine of the Royal Geographic Society, Geographical, also has an article on Armenia in this month's issue. I bought it while I was there, but I haven't had a chance to read it.

I know there are certain Chalcedonian issues to be worked out, but I would encourage you to join St Mesrob and St Gregory the Illuminator in praying for our Armenian brethren, as they are in great economic trouble, with their borders to Turkey and Azerbaijan closed against them and the constant fighting in Nagorno Karabakh.

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