February 15, 2005

From the Horse's Mouth

After all the fuss over a conversation with a colleague while planning lessons, taken completely out of context and misunderstood by most of the people who commented on it, I have received the following from OCR:

"OCR will always put 'peace be upon him' after Muhammad in the form of an Arabic colophon as a mark of respect. However we do not expect candidates to do this.

A reference to this can be found on page 13 of the OCR GCSE Religious Studies Notes for Guidance."

I hope that whoever has picked up the other post, whether it was quoted in full or in part, will post this as well and tell people to stop emailing OCR.

As I said in comments to the original post, I never based my information on anything from OCR - I only said that was the exam board we used.

Posted by david at February 15, 2005 03:56 PM