February 18, 2005

When the Orthodox Get it Wrong

The Greek Orthodox charity Solidarity joined the rest of the world in gathering aid for the victims of the Boxing Day tsunami.

But while most organisations were sending food, shelter, and medical supplies, Solidarity sent fur coats, thong underwear, and carnival wigs. The items were sent with 600 tons aid to Sri Lanka on a cruise ship. They proved to be quite a shock to the members of the Doctors of the World mission staff as they opened the boxes.

Solidarity Director Dimitris Fourlemadis said there could have been some boxes containing suspect clothing, but he told Reuters, "It is a very small number and not worth mentioning." Elli Xenou, Doctors of the World director of foreign missions, saw it a bit differently, "There was a considerable amount of stuff that should definitely not have been there. Even if just one box could not be used it is unacceptable."

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