February 10, 2005

She's a Lady

Well, it's big, big news here in the Sceptred Isle. After years of adultery and fornication, HRH The Prince of Wales is going to marry Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles on April 8.

They've been sleeping together off and on for 34 years. However, in the tradition of British kings, this will not prevent him from becoming Defender of the Faith when HM the Queen goes to her eternal reward. Not that he wants to be Defender of the Faith anyway. As one of his cronies explained on the news special tonight, he wants to be the defender of faith, i.e., the defender all those for whom religious faith of any type is a priority in their lives. Generic faith is always very tolerant of the things brand name faith forbids.

Though no longer forbidden by the Church of England the couple have forgone a church wedding for a civil cermony, followed by a church blessing. I suppose that way the church isn't involved in marrying the couple as though it is condoning Mrs. Parker Bowles adultery (Charles' adultery is now a moot point, now that he is a widower) but once they are married, it can then bless them. HM the Queen has given her blessing, even though she has only met Camilla on a few occasions. Her official approval was also required, as no descendant of George III can marry without the monarch's consent.

Camilla will never be Queen of England. This was just unpalatable to too many both in and out of power, even though this has never happened before in all of English history. In April, she will become the Duchess of Cornwall, as the wife of the Duke of Cornwall, Charles' highest hereditary title. When he ascends the Throne, she will assume the title Princess Consort (as William's wife, should he have one, would become Duchess of Cornwall, even if she also becomes - and one assumes she would - Princess of Wales).

I'm glad they are getting married. It is at least a little better moral example than their current relationship.

Posted by david at February 10, 2005 10:55 PM | TrackBack

I feel for him - she’s the one he really loved all along.

You wrote: ‘Generic faith is always very tolerant of the things brand-name faith forbids.’

Or what ‘I’m spiritual but not religious’ often really means.

Then again mainstream religion that retains brand names including much of what is passed off as Roman Catholic has been heading in that Unitarian Universalist direction for some time.

Posted by: The young fogey at February 12, 2005 12:03 PM
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