March 16, 2004

Busy Birthday

I had hoped to send out a Meandering yesterday to mark my 40th birthday, but there was just too much going on.

I had to teach all day, Mrs H took her driving test, we had to return my babysitting brother-in-law back home, and then go out for dinner.

Mrs H failed her driving test, thanks to an idiot behind her on a narrow country lane. It would be too complicated to explain, especially given the vagaries of British road rules, but his aggressive driving has probably cost us at least 200 in additional testing fees and driving lessons to keep Mrs H fresh on driving a manual (as our car is an automatic, but if she takes her test in an automatic, she cannot drive a stick).

There were highlights to the birthday. Aidie sang "Happy Birthday" to me first thing in the morning and gave me a present, which I've no doubt he picked out himself, The Journals of Father Alexander Schmemann, 1973-1983. He must have known I'd wanted this for a long time, though I don't remember telling him.

While I was looking for the tie I wanted to wear, I opened a present from my parents and the tie matched my shirt perfectly, so I was able to wear my birthday tie to work.

For dinner, we went to pub out in the sticks which had been recommended to me - once several months ago and then by a colleague at work yesterday. I highly recommend the Three Horseshoes Inn in Little Cowarne, should you ever be out in the Shire. I dare say it will scandalise the Orthodox faithful if I mention what I had off of the menu to celebrate the Feast of Dave's Nativity which invariably falls within Lent. Let's just say that I let my 40 years trump the 40 days and gave little thought to the Canons. So bear in mind with my recommendation that The Three Horseshoes is the sort of place that may not be appropriate for Lenten fasting.

The Meandering is forthcoming.

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