March 04, 2004

A Case of Cold Feet and Genocide

Harry Blackmun penned the words that condemned thousands upon thousands children to death. After he wrote the majority opinion in Roe v. Wade, he defended it from numerous challenges. On the fifth anniversary of his own death, his papers became available to the public.

We now know that nearly 12 years ago, Roe was almost completely overturned. Planned Parenthood v. Casey was almost decided another way. Chief Justice Rehnquist had lined up five justices for a clear majority opinion. Then Justice Anthony Kennedy got cold feet. In a position that should be free from political pressure, he caved in.

Rehnquist was already writing up the majority opinion. A lifeline was being thrown to those little lives drowning in the sea of selfishness and convenience. About 1 million have been killed since the Casey decision. Anthony Kennedy cut the lifeline and left them to die.

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