February 29, 2004

Nana's House

Last night was Aidie's first night away from home. Or more accurately, his first night away from Mummy. He stayed over at Nana's house.

With the new baby in a few weeks and depending on how long Mummy has to stay in hospital and how long Daddy can take off work and when Papa and Honey arrive from Texas, Aidie may have to stay over with Nana on more than one occasion. We thought it would be good to get him accustomed to the idea of going to bed without Mummy or Daddy and his usual routine.

I think Mummy was much more worried about it all than Aidie. We he saw us loading up the travel cot into Nana's car he wasn't keen on the idea, but when bedtime came around, word is he had no problem whatsoever. He slept through his usual 12 hours without waking up once. It was Mummy who called before and after bedtime to make sure everything was okay.

We did not have Liturgy this morning, so it was nice to actually have a real lie-in. Normally, even if we have no morning obligations, Aidie will wake up by 7:30 or 8:00 and either insist on going downstairs or get in our bed, which means sleep is over. This morning, Mrs H and I caught up on a lot of missed sleep.

I think Aidie should spend more nights at Nana's house.

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