February 20, 2004

With Lots of Salt and Vinegar

Hooterville is now the home of a world record. Yesterday the owner of a local chippy and former mayor set the record for the largest bag of chips. Out at the local racecourse, he set up a bank of industrial fryers and brought in boxes and boxes of chips.

The old record was around 397 lbs. Alan Williams, who always promised to buy a website from me in my previous employment but never did, started frying at about 9:30 yesterday morning and broke the record about 1:00. Not wanting to be outdone anytime soon, he kept feeding the baskets with cold potatoes and dumping hot chips into the giant bag. By the time he was finished he nearly doubled the previous mark set by some Belgians. When I rang his chip shop today, he was out and none of the ladies working there were sure of the exact weight - just that it was around 800 lbs.

That's one big bag of chips. There was no information about how much salt and vinegar was required.

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