February 17, 2004

Linking Up

It is easy to get into a reading rut and just visit the same blogs. It had been a while since I linked out from my regular reading to their regular reading. I'm still reading the same blogs -- I've just added to them.

I think it all started with an link in Paradosis. James of the Northwest referred to something over on Confessio, where I discovered I was linked (albeit to my old URL, but it forwards here just fine). Then I was reading my old friend Josh Coolman's Grand Unified Mystery and clicked on the link to Decimation & Reconstruction and saw that Kevil Basil Fritts had linked to me as well. Then, while on my usually at-least-daily visit to St Stephen's Musings I clicked on his link to Jan Bear, more than anything because I'd not noticed it before, and I discovered that I am on her A World of Speculation. Jan also writes for the Orthodox take on the Onion, namely the Onion Dome.

As is my custom, I have added reciprocal links in the right column of this page (which may appear at the bottom of the page, depending on your browser and monitor configuration). This is for my benefit as well as yours, as I tend to use my links as blog bookmarks.

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