February 01, 2004

The Feast of the Davidtokos

My mother is celebrating her 70th birthday today in Taiwan.

I'm not sure if we will even be able to give her a ring. Mrs H (my Mrs H, as that is my mother's name as well) left a few small gifts when she was in Texas and we sent a card. I feel bad that we can't be more involved in the celebration.

It was the same when my father turned 70 a couple of years ago. Not that he was in Taiwan. Rather, we weren't able to be there for the big party. Aidie was only 2 months old and were weren't in a position to afford to travel anyway. It occurred between their two visits to see us.

We also missed my parents' 40th anniversary a month and a day prior to my dad's 70th.

That's the only thing I don't like about being on this side of the Pond. Aidie is too isolated from my folks generally and we don't get to spend red letter dates with them and celebrate those noteworthy transitions in the stages of life. Admittedly, because of my parents' travel intinerary, we wouldn't have been able to join in the celebration today, but we wouldn't have missed some many others.

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