January 28, 2004


Blair is risen from the dead. Not like Jesus. More like Jason or Freddy Kruger.

The Hutton report cleared him of any wrongdoing. It even seems to have cleared the Defense Secretary, Geoff Hoon.

Who will deliver us from this evil?

Posted by david at January 28, 2004 11:34 PM | TrackBack

Console yourself, brother, as they say in Austen movies, Tony will have another chance. The BBC, on the other hand, had it coming. I can think of few organizations that need discrediting quite as much. Were you in the UK when St Bill and the Girl Scouts invaded Yugoslavia? The BBC spewed forth the kind of lies and abominations that no-one had heard since Stalin died. Itís a pity, though, that both sides (though mostly the left) are using this decision as a metaphor for the whole war. It canít possibly lead to anything good. Nor can the government using it to spin an endorsement for the war *sigh* which they will given that they live, breathe and eat spin. Just for once Iíd like to see someone be above that.

Posted by: Havdala at January 29, 2004 07:34 PM