January 27, 2004

So Close

The ayes to the right, 316; the noes to the left, 311.

Just three stinking votes and Tony Blair would have been defeated in the Commons over the Education Bill. We know where two of those votes came from. One of the Rebel leaders went over to the Dark Side and took one of his followers with him.

Except for heavy lobbying by the PM himself, the vote would have been lost to the Government. It would have resulted in a confidence motion and Blair's premiership might have been fatally wounded.

There is still hope, but it is growing dim. The Hutton Report is being released to the public tomorrow. The Government already got their advance copy and are preparing their answer to it. The Opposition only get it three hours in advance of publication. However, if it condemns the Government generally and TB specifically for naming Dr David Kelly and contributing to his alleged suicide, perhaps advanced notice will be unimportant.

We just have to wait and see.

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