January 24, 2004

And When You Pray, Say...

Normally when we pray at mealtimes, Aidie is already seated and strapped into his booster chair. Why we put the belt on, I don't know, as he often spends the rest of the time unfastening it and fastening it back again.

Today at lunch I was attempting to put him in his chair when he kept shrugging me away and saying "pray! pray!" He went over to the bookcase where the icons are propped up (awaiting to be fixed in the yet-to-be ascertained icon corner) and moved his hand vigorously over his chest.

He has decided that he should stand to pray like everyone else.

Now that he can count to ten unaided (twenty with help) and name the nine planets with only occasional prompts, perhaps it is time to begin on the Lord's Prayer.

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