January 06, 2004

Growing Up

Aidan's new bed got here today. He probably could have stayed in the cot longer. He wasn't hankering to move out. However, with the new baby arriving in a few months, we thought it would be good move him to a big boy bed early. This way we hope he will dissociate himself from ownership of the cot, especially as he will have to share the room with the baby after a while.

We got him all excited about the move to the new bed. We were clapping and shouting, "New bed! Yea!" This afternoon he climbed on it and laid down on it. Tonight he hurried to finish his glass of milk so he could go to bed. Even so, the excitement faded a bit when it was time to turn off the light and be alone without the familiar bars of the cot surrounding him. He got up a few times, but finally settled.

This is just the first of many times in his life when he will have to adapt to new surroundings and situations. I hope tonight is a foreshadowing of things to come.

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