January 04, 2004

Indefinite Leave to Remain

It appears that Bubby has taken up residency in our bathroom.

After her return from her extended excursion through the neighbourhood, she spent a few nights in her hutch. She was not well pleased. She just sat there and sulked most of the time.

As bad weather approached (though it ended up not as bad a predicted), Mrs H acquiesed to temporary residence for Bubby indoors. For the most part this has worked okay. Her potty training isn't perfect, but at least it is confined to the bathroom. As this is the only place she drops "pills" (as they are apparently referred to by rabbit owners), she seems to have decided that this is her territory.

I have been reading up on housetraining bunnies. This would appear to be more difficult that I had imagined, though easier the older they get. Apparently you can teach an old rabbit new tricks. Whether Bubby learns quickly enough to satisfiy Mrs H and keep her house privileges remains to be seen.

The thing working in her favour is that she has become a very personable bunny. She thrives on the social interaction with the human species, except perhaps with that demographic group known as toddler. Aidan cannot seem to get the message that Bubby finds it unpleasant to be carried by her fur. Bubby has been remarkably patient and Aidie has fewer scratches on him that I would have ever thought. Bubby just needs to remember not to approach Aidie for attention, but rather do the sensible thing - run and hide behind the toilet.

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