January 02, 2004

Unlimited Revenue

The Inland Revenue has come up with a way to get even more revenue. They have added a new range of penalties for late payment of taxes. In addition to the current fines, the Inland Revenue will be issuing uncapped fines of 60 ($100) per day. This is in addition to the fixed 100 fine, 5% surcharge on the tax debt, and 6.5% interest.

The Inland Revenue is planning to issue tens of thousands of these fines. Apparently they aren't satisfied with the 1 billion that has already been raised in fines, surcharges, and interest.

Big Brother is watching whether or not you pay your taxes. This year staff at the Inland Revenue are changed with the task of collecting more personal details on people likely to evade tax payments. Profiling. This can't be done with terror suspects, but it can be done with taxpayers. They will also be phoning up late payers at home - probably at teatime, if they want to follow the example of telesales and debt collector scum. It is unclear if they will ringing people who are likely to be late payers.

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