May 16, 2003

For those who have been

For those who have been looking for something good to come out of this country...

Burglars are finally losing the right to sue the owners of houses they rob. Until now, home owners who haven't taken the needs of thieves into consideration and allowed them to be injured have been liable for compensation. For example, home owners have been sued when a burglar has been force to break glass to get into their home and then cuts himself. Apparently it is the fault of the householder for making access to difficult, giving the thief no other option.

A bill in now being drafted by the Home Office to change all this.

It is not clear, however, if home owners who are convicted of an offence in conjunction with the robbery will be convered by the legislation. In other words, I someone breaks into your house and you purposely injure them in the mistaken belief that you can use force to make them leave, they may still have the right to sue.

Posted by david at May 16, 2003 10:11 PM