May 29, 2003

Defining Moments In Iraq today,

Defining Moments

In Iraq today, Tony Blair called the liberation of that country from Saddam Hussein's regime "one of the defining moments of the century." It seems to me that this is a difficult judgment to make, being in only the third year of the century.

I wonder if in hundred years, this will be a plausible claim. In 1903, who would have contemplated the First World War, The Second World War, the worldwide Great Depression, either the rise of Communism or the fall thereof, the Atomic bomb, the first man on the moon, the development of antibiotics, the transplant of organs, or any of the other extraordinary developments in every area of life.

Going, Going...
One thing that may not be here in 100 years it the Tory Party. Apparently the Party is out of money. Independent auditors fear that it it is no longer a going concern. The Conservatives are 9 million in the red and spend 10 million a year.

The biggest problem seems to be that the Treasurer is withholding his own money. Traditionally the person named Treasurer of the Conservate Party is a huge contributor. To get them to give more, the party Leader sees that they get a peerage. The former Treasurer Lord Ashcroft gave 1 million a year. The mere Sir Stanley Kalms is probably on the list of four Tory peers that Ian Duncan-Smith will be submitting to Downing Street. Hopefully Lord Kalms will then open open up his wallet just a little wider.

Posted by david at May 29, 2003 09:42 PM