June 06, 2003

Britain’s Greatest Embarrassment

That’s the only way to describe him. First he insisted that everyone stop using their cars and start using public transportation and then got in one of his two Jaguars to drive 250 yards to a meeting. It was so his wife’s hair wouldn’t get blown by the wind. Then he punched a heckler on the campaign trail. That’s right, he was out electioneering and socked someone in the face.

Last night his latest his response to reporters as he went into a meeting was to show them the “V” sign. No, not the V-for-Victory sign. We aren’t talking about Winston Churchill here. It was the “V” with the fingers facing the other direction. For American readers this is used to send a stronger message when just the middle finger isn’t enough.

Is this some sort of uneducated thug? Well, yes, but he is also the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott.

His Real Name is Brian

Marilyn Manson was on Jonathan Ross tonight and I learn that he is not a Satanist. Instead, noting that he’s girlfriend prefers to wear a particular fabric, he is an admitted satin-ist. It reminded me of something that I read recently on Karl Thiene’s blog.

Charlotte Church was also on with Mr Woss, and it was just more confirmation that South Wales is a valuable source of good looking women.

Posted by david at June 6, 2003 10:19 PM