June 20, 2003


Today we participated in that venerable British institution known as PYO – pick your own. It is summer and time for fresh fruit. We were hoping to pick some raspberries but they aren’t in yet. We did pick about 1 ¾ kilos of strawberries. Last year at this time, Aidie was too young to participate. We had to push him in his pram from row to row. This year, he was more than eager to help.

He has bit of difficulty grasping the concept of only picking the red ones. Unfortunately, a significant number of strawberries will never live to ripeness as they were taken before their time. Of the red ones, he didn’t eat too many right on the spot.

At dinner, Aidan immediately took to fresh strawberries and cream, even though Mrs Holford made a point of buy single cream instead of double cream. I’m not sure what the point of that was, since this just means twice as much is required in the bowl.

By the way, Sainbury’s Single Cream comes with a health warning. You’re thinking something like, “Extremely fattening: may cause heart attacks”? No. It says “Allergy Warning: contains milk”.

Posted by david at June 20, 2003 10:47 PM