June 23, 2003

Alternative to Tony Martin

While have always offered my unwavering support for Norfolk farmer Tony Martin who stopped a burglar in his house with his shotgun, given the idiocy of the British legal system, perhaps he should have taken the approach of Derrick Winterbottom from Llanynghenedl in North Wales.

The 51-year-old Winterbottom struggled with the intruder 20 years his junior. Nicholas Jones tried to get away, but Winterbottom chased him outside, pulled down his trousers and yanked off his shoes. He then threatened Jones to keep him in place long enough to retrieve tape from the garage. Jones was then bound with the tape and made to kneel trouserless in front of the house until the police arrived.

Unlike Martin, Winterbottom was commended for his actions by the judge in the burglary case. He is to receive a 200 reward. In the meantime, the Norfolk hero Tony Martin languishes in prison for a few more weeks.

Posted by david at June 23, 2003 10:57 PM