March 25, 2005

The Journey Begins

Today Abby took her first unaided steps. She has been cruising the furniture for months, but finally at 10 months and 14 days she set out on her own. Okay, it was only three steps, but it's a start.

It has only been an issue of confidence. She stands in the middle of the floor and dances. She will even walk with just the slightest touch on her hand or arm. It is the striking out on her own that she's been contemplating for so long.

Not that she has needed to walk to get around our tiny house. She can race on her knees from one end to the other in no time. She has also been climbing the stairs. Very rapidly. Closing the stair gate when going up stairs for even the quickest errand has become essential, or she will be following behind.

Still, it is a key development when a child becomes fully bipedal. They soon leave behind everything that made them a baby. They lose a significant part of that helplessness. It the first declaration of the independence they will grow into day by day until they finally leave home.

Posted by david at March 25, 2005 11:47 PM

Congratulations :-)
It is possible the most significant milestone.
Lock up your valuables, she will be climbing in no time !

Posted by: Elizabeth at March 26, 2005 08:11 AM
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