July 31, 2004

Mopping Up

Thanks to a minor spillage on the laptop keyboard by a user other that myself, all of the keys have been knocked out of commission except the "1", "a", and "q". (I am using an external USB keyboard to write this.) It is not clear what other damage may have been done.

This means that the machine will have to go into the shop. I'm not sure when it will go in or come out. Neither do I know if it will hold up in the meantime.

I'm just posting this message to explain any hiatus you may notice.

Comment are currently closed because I got bombed in a major way last night. In the future, I will be closing comments after entries leave the home page to reduce the opportunities for these detestable people post links to even more detestable sites. I am in the process of closing the rest of the comments, which has to be done manually for each entry. With nearly 500 entries, this may take a little while - especially if I don't have a computer.

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