April 08, 2004

ID Cards Through the Back Door

Home Secretary David Blunkett has been trying every which way to get mandatory ID cards imposed on everyone in this country. Even though he has the support of Tony Blair, there was such opposition in the Cabinet to his plans he thought he was going to have to shelve them for years.

If there's one thing we can't afford in this new era of the War on Terrorism, it is personal freedom and privacy. The only way for the Government to stop the terrorists is to keep tabs on everyone at all times. Don't think this is just a Blair/Blunkett obsession. If you are on the other side of the Pond, just read the Patriot Act and Patriot Act II.

Blunkett is going to get his cards by starting with foreigners. No one cares what they do with foreigners, as long as they keep out as many as possible. It is anticipated that all non-EU citizens will have to register for the mark...er...I mean the card by 2007.

It has now been revealed by Mr Blunkett himself that this legislation will be extended to everyone else by order in Parliament, not by proper legislation. This means all that is required is to schedule a single day for floor debate with a simple majority up or down vote at the end.

Once there is full coverage, the card will be compulsory for access to any and all public services.

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