March 05, 2005

From Inuvik to Tom T. Hall

I was listening to CBC Radio One - Inuvik in the wee hours, when I learned that Joe Carter had passed away. Not the baseball player, but the cousin of June Carter Cash. Anyhow, since I used to drive by the Carter Family Fold on the way to visit friends in Mendota, Virginia, I surfed over the to Bristol News and learned that amongst the pallbearers at tomorrow's funeral would be Tom T. Hall.

And that's how I found the world's most out-of-date website. I Googled for Tom's website and sure enough there is an "authorized" Tom T. Hall site, though it is quite to point out: "PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH TOM T. HALL AND DO NOT ACCEPT CORRESPONDENCE OF ANY KIND ON HIS BEHALF". Why they then have a page full of letters written by fans, I dont know.

Now I don't know if Tom's been doing anything lately, other than serving as a pallbearer at the occasional funeral, because the Appearances page lets me know where he performed in 1997 and even 1996. And lest I get my hopes up too much, it clarifies "that Mr. Hall will not be going on the road in 1998, opting instead to stay home and write more great music!"

Now you may be wondering why I would be up in the middle of the night surfing and writing about Tom T. Hall. All I can say is that I suppose it has something to do with driving across the great expanse of the US on summer vacations, with my father doing endless a cappella renditions of the 1969 hit, "Homecoming".

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