April 29, 2004


I've blogged about this some time in the past, but I can't remember when. I have noticed over the last few weeks that I had difficulty getting blogspot blogs to load. They just come up as a bunch of gibberish. Usually when I reload the page, it comes out okay, but tonight this technique ceased to work.

Then the light came on and I tried them in Internet Explorer. They all loaded perfectly. Surprise, surprise. Seems that Blogger has become even more optimised for IE. I do not like IE. I only ever use it because I can only access all of the editing functions in Movable Type with it, so I have to write this blog in it. I use Netscape for everything else.

Mozilla browsers (such as Netscape) are so much better -- so much more functional. Just the tabbed browsing functionality makes it worth switching.

Anyhow, I think this favouritism toward IE amounts to browserism. There was sexism, racism, and ageism - now there is browerism. I could even suggest that Blogger is inciting me to browser hatred - something that may need to be criminalised.

Posted by david at April 29, 2004 08:34 PM