April 28, 2004

38 Weeks +

For those of you who have been kind to enquire by email about Mrs H and her impended confinement (or at least that's what they used to call it), I can report that she and the child in utero are healthy and both are ready for the situation to change.

Though the blessed event could be sooner rather than later, Mrs H fears the latter.

We still haven't settled on names. Our discussions don't get very far when I begin suggesting perfectly good names such as Erasmus (not the after the humanist philospher, but rather my great-great-grandfather, 5greats-grandfather, and 4greats-uncle). She also doesn't like Cuthbert (seems like a good companion for Aidan). My parents once suggested I might have been named Solomon Hezekiah (the middle names of two of my great-grandfathers and perfectly biblical as well) so I thought it might be a possibility, but Mrs H wasn't keen on that either.

All of this assumes that it is a boy. We haven't given much thought to girl names.

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