April 26, 2004

Half of One

Cleaning up the garage yesterday afternoon, I pulled a few more CDs out of storage. We don't have a rack for all of our CDs, but I wanted to get out a few more.

From amongst the stacks, I pulled out the greatest live album ever recorded. Well, actually half of the greatest live album ever recorded. Somehow in the move from the US to the UK, I managed to leave the first CD of How the West Was One on the other side of the Atlantic. I have the jewel case, but not the disc.

I have owned this in one form or another since 1978 - the year I discovered comtemporary Christian music and the year after it was recorded. As I reflect on it now (with the strains of Phil Keaggy's 9:35 version "Time" in my ears), it is the reason I wanted to have a band - something that wouldn't actually happen for another 14 years.

I remember having it cranked up on the PA system at church while I would clean and set up chairs on Saturday afternoons. It was playing out of mono tape player into a mono PA, but it was glorious nonetheless. The only down side was when the foul-mouthed aunt of the flowershop owner next door would come over and tell me off because they could hear almost as well as I could.

How the West Was One is still (or back) in print. I don't suppose they will let me pay $11.00 for just one of the discs! I just hate to pay $22.00 (plus shipping) when I already have half of it.

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