April 14, 2004

Let There Be Dark

With the lengthening of daylight here in the upper parts of the Northern Hemisphere, it has been increasing difficult to get Aidie to go to sleep at a decent time. The curtain in his bedroom has fallen down due to a bracket problem and even when it is up it does very little to block the light.

Most two-year-olds need to sleep more than just from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am. The parents of most two-year-olds need for them to sleep longer. The 37-week pregnant mother of this particular two-year-old has been getting very grumpy due to this sleep pattern. At 37 weeks grumpiness is already an issue Ė we donít need to exacerbate the situation.

We kept saying that we needed to buy a blackout blind. However, it appeared that all of them were expensive and none of them were of the dimensions of the window. Finally we found a cheap one. Last night we spent hours installing it.

First it had to be cut down to size. This meant a trip to the DIY store for a hacksaw. We had to go there anyway to get materials to repair the telly cabinet door that a certain in-law broke when we last moved and Aidie finally pulled asunder a couple of days ago. I never realised how cheap small hacksaws are. 78p. Anyhow, while Aidie and I played in the back garden, Mrs H carefully followed the instructions it cutting the blind down to size. It should have fit perfectly.

It didnít. Itís amazing how significant a few millimetres can be. So we slowly hacked it down to size. Each time we shaved it a bit, we tried to mount it. Mrs H made the first efforts, but eventually the strain was too much. So she climbed down and I worked at it. A one-legged man with a bad shoulder standing on a dining room chair in an upstairs window trying to force a cardboard tube between two brackets. This was a disaster looking for a place to happen. That it didnít is clearly an example of the mercy of God. How I ever got that blind in place I donít know.

Aidie still didnít get to bed before 9:00. Itís probably too dark in there for him to get to sleep.

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