March 08, 2004

Policy of Promiscuity

Britons may think America's abstinence education is silly and that it isn't particularly effective but they really have no room to talk. In a country where 63 million has been poured into the Department of Health's Teenage Pregnany Strategy, the rate of teenage pregnancy continues to skyrocket.

The latest available figures are for 2002. In that year, there were 39,286 pregnancies among girls under 18. That was up from 38,439 in 2001. 46% of the 2001 pregnancies in this age group resulted in an infant murder.

From 1998 to 2002 the rate of teenage pregnancy in Oxfordshire has increased 31.8 per 1000 girls to 36.9 per 1000. In Nottinghamshire, the pregnancy rate went up by 17.5% in just one year. Now 78.6 per 1000 under-18s get pregnant. This does not include babies flushed down the toilet after the use of the "morning after" abortifacient pill, which some pharmacies give free of charge. The 2002 figures for the London borough of Lambeth is a staggering 100.4 per 1000 girls.

The Teenage Pregnancy Unit is convinced its strategy is working. Its strategy includes a list of websites on the front page of its own website, every one of which encourages promiscuity. I won't link to them, but you can see them for yourself. I will warn you that some of them are not for the faint of heart. On the Brook site, you can play a Flash video game and shoot at sperm with a condom gun. The RU Thinking site, which is clearly aimed at young teens, will tell you everything, and has a whole section on "You and your rights" emphasising that no matter how young you are, you can get whatever you want or need without your parents ever having to know.

On the TPU site, they are proud to show that the percentage of under-18 pregnancies ending in abortion in rising each year. They may not be stopping the pregnancies, but they are stopping the babies dead in their tracks.

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