May 03, 2003

Tonight at bath time we

Tonight at bath time we learned about physics.

This was not our first lesson in the subject. We have previously learned that a fully soaked washrag will not travel very far outside the tub – not nearly as far as the plastic people with basic geometric-shaped bases that fit in the tugboat. We also previously learned that daddy doesn’t appreciate experiments in soaked washrag trajectory.

Tonight we built on a lesson we learned very early on. The impact of a hand against the surface of the water at speed creates a splash. Not as big a splash as daddy can make, but a splash nonetheless. Now back to the soaked washrag. A soaked washrag striking the surface of the water makes a bigger splash than daddy. The displaced water goes everywhere. Unfortunately it also goes into the eyes.

Quality decision time. Is it worth a splash in the eyes to spray water everywhere else? After ten minutes the verdict was unmistakable. You can get used to a little water in the eyes.

This week we have also made a very big life-changing step. Weaning. No more milk from mummy. This has gone so much easier that we would have ever imagined. This was our third night with warm milk in the sippy cup instead of the bedtime breast feed and it went without a hitch. This does not mean that Aidie goes to bed without a fuss. He just goes without fussing about the feeding. Aidie’s two most hated words: bedtime and naptime.

Posted by david at May 3, 2003 10:41 PM