November 06, 2004

Unhappy with the Election Result, Eh?

It seems like a perfect match. All those liberal whingers talk about moving to Canada and they want more immigrants north of the border.

The Canadian government's immigration website has seen a massive increase in hits. They were up 600% the day after the election and now maintain an average of over three times the previous rate of visits. I think this is a good thing.

Shouldn't the US give something back to the country that gave it William Shatner, Michael J. Fox, and Mike Myers? In fact, I think Canada deserves to sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. Half the Hollywood-produced movies are filmed up there anyway. They could move to Toronto and attend all the gay weddings they want.

Toronto Sun columnist Thane Burnett wrote a guide to becoming a Canadian, "As Canadians, you'll have to learn to embrace and use all the products and culture of Americans, while bad-mouthing their way of life." Hollywood won't have to learn anything. They've been doing this for years.

Burnett's column was written in response to Howard Gensler's Philadelphia Daily News column, "O Canada, we plead to cede to thee". (free reg required) Gensler's arguement is that everything great, good, and interesting about the US is found in those blue states.

You don't like our "values," red-staters, you've got your wish - we're outta here.

But remember, the next time you want to see a Broadway show, visit wine country, Hawaii or the birthplace of liberty, don't just bring your Visa card, bring your visa.

You're in Canada now. And we're tightening our borders.

So to get rid of God-hating liberals, the lower 30 plus Alaska have to give up claims to Gotham, the Gallo brothers, a few Pacific volcanos, and Philly? My only condition is that by taking the Quaker State, they have to take Arlen Specter as well. We'll give polical asylum to Rick Santorum. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

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