November 06, 2004

Fornication Freedom

Okay, one last comment on the politics surrounding the presidential election. I have had it up to my nostrils with whiny feminists blathering on about "reproductive rights".

Neither GWB nor the Republican Party have ever suggested that anyone does not have the right to reproduce. If anything they encourage it. Nor have they ever suggested that anyone should be denied the right to not reproduce. Not one single (or married) woman has ever been forced by any sort of governmental coercion to get pregnant. There is no sort of state-sponsored insemination programme. In fact, anyone who forces a woman into a potentially reproductive act faces the full force of the law which can result in time spent in that place when non-reproductive acts are quite common.

So all of this talk of GWB taking away reproductive rights and forcing women into the back alley abortions (that are much more the product of legend than truth anyway) is just silliness.

No, what these women want is right to kill anyone who infringes on their freedom to fornicate or even makes it a bit inconvenient. The freedom is there. You can't find a serious Republican who is committed enough to sponsor legislation to unabolish fornication laws that were already unenforced when they slipped away for the most part in the 1970s.

The "right to choose" is the right to choose to have sex anytime, anywhere, with anyone, and without any consequences. It is asking for government to interfere in the bedroom, to use that oft repeated phrase in its legitimate context. Only government has been able to step in and say that those things which are de facto wrong are de jure right. Government has stepped in and attempted to take away the natural consequences of promiscuity.

Yes, there has been an expectation of state interference since 1973 in the US. Now the fear is that the state will walk away and leave individuals to the natural consequences of their actions. It has them shaking in their boots.

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