September 16, 2004

Why I Like John Kerry

I think it is good to have a candidate for President of the US like John Kerry.

Like Bush or hate him, and he has done some things with which I strongly disagree, like the Dept of Homeland Security and the Patriot Acts I and II, this election is about so much more. There are certainly two flawed candidates. The difference is that one is attempting to be godly and is sometimes misguided, whilst the other is effortlessly ungodly and also misguided.

So I'm glad Kerry is the candidate. That way those who vote for him know they are chosing darkness rather than light. They have marked the box (or punched the chad, if they are in Florida) for unrighteousness. Election day is not a matter of chosing that day who will become President. You aren't really chosing who will serve. You are chosing who you will serve.

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