August 30, 2004

Short Trousers

An odd thing happened this summer. I started wearing shorts. In public, I mean. (I wear them around the house, so I can easily pull down the silicon sleeve which otherwise keeps my artificial leg from dropping off.) I've never been one to go out wearing shorts. It has nothing to do with upbringing. My father has always worn shorts.

After I lost my leg, I suppose it isn't surprising that I wouldn't wear shorts, especially since I never had my prostheses padded and finished until I moved to the UK. It was included in the price - I just never had it done. I never minded showing people my leg, but I never fancied walking around in public with people seeing the steel pole connecting my stump and my shoe.

Now I just look like I'm wearing hose on one leg. This is because I am, in fact, wearing hose on one leg. That's what gives it the "natural" colour. It's not like I'm fooling anyone.

For some reason, when we were getting ready to go on holiday to Cornwall, I bought a new pair of shorts and I wore them. I even wore them when Mrs H was convinced it was too cold. I wore them everywhere. I thought maybe I didn't care because no one knew me.

Then the oddest thing happened last night. I wore shorts to shop at Tesco. Our local, just across the roundabout from us Tesco.

Maybe I am becoming my father and there is nothing I can do about it.

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