August 28, 2004


One of the highlights of our trip to Cornwall was DairyLand Farmworld. We actually went there twice, because they give you seven consecutive days for the price of one.

Aidan was most impressed with the tractors everywhere. They were stationary, non-working models, but the steering wheel would spin on them. That's all he cared about. Give Aidie a large object with a steering wheel and he will stay occupied for hours. Once we got him inside the "Bullpen", the large indoor play area with giant slides and such, he really had fun, but as soon as we were outside it was back to the tractors.

The most interesting thing for Mrs H and me was the Cornish Heritage and Alternative Energy Centre - at least the Cornish Heritage part of it. It's the only adult thing in an otherwise children's attraction. (Otherwise, it cost 14 admission for us to supervise our under-3's-free toddler.) There were lots of displays of early machinery and implements. It was enlightening to see how people made a living in times gone by. By far the most resourceful seems to have been one Roger Giles.

And it wasn't all business. There was a spiritual side as well. I was surprised to see that Cornwall had anticipated one of the more popular aspects of late 20th century charismatic theology by 400 years.

The Alternative Energy Centre was a bit silly. All they had were a few little water pumps operated by little solar panels in a little patio area. A bit pointless, really.

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