May 10, 2004

Motherhood is Contagious

Mrs H is expecting to give birth at any time. She has good reason for such expectation, as she is rather evidently great with child.

Bubby is also expecting to give birth at any time. However, she has no good reason to expect this, because she has never "known" a buck. Nevertheless, she has built quite a nest in her hutch, pulling out her fur and lining it heavily. Bubby is experiencing false pregnancy.

Apparently this is rather common in unspayed doe rabbits. It also may give an explanation to her aggressive behaviour and her very territorial attitude toward her hutch. For a while it has been common for her to attack even when I'm giving her food.

The solution for all of this is for Bubby to have a hysterectomy. However, from what I have seen in my research on the web, the cost is significant. It averages between 50 and 80. I will be ringing around the area vets and shopping for the best price.

Like I need something else to do.

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