May 09, 2004


Today is the due date for the little sprog still nestled in utero. Despite Mrs H's continuing discomfort and off-and-on contractions for the last couple of weeks, there has been no dramatic event to indicate imminent arrival.

We had a scan and visit with the consultant on Friday. The scan indicated that the baby is about 10 lbs. The doctor indicated that this is accurate only with 2 lbs either way. So it is probably only 9ish, but to Mrs H is definitely feels closer to 13.

As it stands now, if proper labour hasn't begun by tomorrow, the baby will probably be born by c-section Tuesday or Wednesday. Induction is contra-indicated for Mrs H, as is an excessively large baby. Plus, Papa and Honey have already bought their tickets and we don't want them to come and go before the new grandchild has arrived!

Going into labour tomorrow would be rather inconvenient, as that is the day of Mrs H's grandfather's funeral. It is going to be a busy week for us!

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